The Workface Career Academy Career Success Program is aimed at helping job seekers understand their own goals, discover work opportunities available and where to find them and then how to make themselves as employable as possible to make telephone enquiries, organise interviews and do well at them!

Once you are comfortable in looking for jobs you may be interested in learning how to package and price your services as an independent contractor and run your own business from home. This is often called a side-hussle when you're starting out but can result in your operating your own professional services business. 

The best chances of career success and happiness start with you discovering what you love doing, or aspects about what you know how to do that you love, understanding the job market and where to find these jobs and then the process of making yourself look good on paper.

Along with cover sheets, resumes and phone interviews we share information and tips on how to present yourself, which questions to ask and why and then how to accept and negotiate your salary package. 

Dropbox is an online file storage service that can be used as a backup for your photos and files as well as a place to share files with your friends, family and work colleagues. It can be used as a group folder for projects and is a fantastic way to collaborate with team members.

To be an independent contractor is to do your own packaging of services and what you intend to offer and then put a price on it. This price could start as an hourly rate and end up as a fixed rate based on outcomes. 

This course will take you through the fundamental changes in attitude and behaviour required to start your own business as a side-hussle.