Online Training Courses

Logical Dynamic Online Training

With so many online education resources available it can be hard to differentiate one course from another. In-fact the word “course”, or “training” can now mean any number of things from video interviews, to short screen capture video tutorials to a fully blown course with workbooks, assessments and certificates.

The difference is how much it costs and how long it takes to create and we’ve figured out how to give you the best value for money. Training Express or Premium Courses.

Our courses are designed to take you on a learning journey using a logical approach where we start with the basics and progress to the next skill level, always building on what you’ve already learnt. Our courses are designed with a workbook first, which contain step-by-step exercises and then we build the assessments and training videos to supplement the workbooks.

The great news for you is that if you’re on a budget or just want to learn using the Training Video Tutorials you can do that cheaply and quickly using Training Express. If you want the full experience with step-be-step exercises, assessments and a Certificate of Completion choose a Premium Course.